Friday, September 14, 2012

Profile: Robbie Robertson

Suggestions by Neal from Sarasota, Rebecca from Brooklyn, Dan from Albuquerque, Jonathan from New York, Jodie from New York, and Ken from Austin.


  1. I've often heard of his father referred to as a "Jewish gangster." Anyone know anything more about that?

    And Robertson was/is a helluva songwriter and musician. For a few years there, The Band was about as good as it got.

  2. Wasn't he born Jamie Royal Klegerman, as opposed to Jamie Robert?

  3. I LOVE ROBBIE ROBERTSON I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU PROFILED HIM! A lot of people say that The Band's (Agree, best band name EVER for a um... er... band) best album is Music From Big Pink, yeah it's great a 10/10 but I have to give an 11/10 To The Band's (1969)Sophomore album! It's just THE BEST! Anyway I have a suggestion for the next musician you should profile... Can you please, please Profile Donald Fagen from Steely Dan!!! I know he's Jewish! So you have to give him what at least a 13, 14 or even a 15! Please, please, please!!!! Oh and YAKOV and/or do you know if his partner in crime Walter Becker is Jewish? There seems to be a inconsistency on the web, some saying that he is, some saying that he isn't some say nothing at all, yadda, yadda, yadda... Any-who be much appreciated if you could tell me, pretty sure that he is but I want to know what you guys come up with... Shalom! P.S. Thanks again for the Robbie Robertson Profile! Shalom! - From a musical Jew.