Monday, June 22, 2009

Profile: David Letterman

A few times in this space I've posted about going back to something I haven't done in a while and finding it easy to slip back into the old habits. The Fox Mulder profile, for example.

Well, I used to write a bunch of these Top Ten lists when I was in high school and picked up quite a knack for them. Yeah, that skill is lost. I spent probably two weeks struggling with the one posted above. I spent less time on my wedding vows (just kidding honey! It was a joke. For the blog. Really, I swear it. No, put the frying pan down!).

In any case, such a struggle means this will probably be the last Top Ten I ever write. I suppose that's society's loss...

Oh, and Paul Shaffer, the Robin to Dave's Batman, is Jewish. So that's something.

Letterman was suggested by readers Sofia from Florida, Bryan from Connecticut, Kiarra from Perth, Australia, and Tom from Chicago.

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