Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Profile: Timon


Sometimes this happens. I sit down to write a nice, friendly profile, get about halfway through it, think about what I'm actually saying, get angry, and then rip the whole subject to shreds. You can pretty much see the progression here, "Timon's a nice fellow...la la la....Disney needs Jews...What the hell...Timon's a ****ing loser and I hope he dies." Well, maybe not that bad.

Anyway, this little excursion into my addiction to rage-ohol was brought to you by suggester Danni from Perth and by the letter A and the number 5.


  1. LOL, his heterosexual life partner.

    Timon isn't that bad! He was actually my favourite when I was a kid...

  2. An animated Purim movie is a great idea! You should propose it to Disney, much better than this Hannah Montana dreck they do now.

    Though the whole genocide theme might be a problem.
    Do we have any holidays that don't resolve around the Goyim failing to kill us?

  3. I've become completely sold in to the idea of a Purim movie. I typed it into the profile kind of off the cuff, but then when I thought about it, I was like - YES, this is a good idea: the princess, the setting (Persia), the villain...

    So yeah, anyone here know Michael Eisner's personal phone number?