Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update: The Dylan War

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Bobby!

Since the profile was posted, Bob Dylan has probably been our most contentious verdict.

How many times has a dedicated reader sent us the same YouTube clip of Bob Dylan at temple? Or playing Jewish music on stage? Or the articles about his attendance at Long Island shuls? How many times has Moishe himself said to me, "You have to rewrite the profile. You have to change the verdict. You must re-score the score?" And every time I resisted. "Not enough evidence," I said. "Never converted back," I said. And oh how they laughed—silly stubborn Yakov.

Therefore, you can call this newly released (as of October 13) album "Christmas in My Heart" by Bob Dylan.

But, in my mind it will always be known as "I Told You So."


  1. I give up. You win. At least I had Les Paul right...

  2. Never quite understood the up-and-back thing with ol' Bobby D. Yeah, i'm waiting for "Dr. Laura" to do it as well (tho she was not born a Jew) and come "back" to the Tribe.