Monday, May 23, 2011

Profile: Chunk Cohen

So, ahem, Yakov DESPISES Chunk, who was suggested by... me! Sorry, Yakov.


  1. The Goonies is a great example of Hollywood self-hating anti-Semitism.

    Like most '80s teen movies, it has a very Jewish cast. Sean Astin is "half-Jewish", as is Jeff Cohen (his father was Jewish, not John Astin). Corey Feldman is Jewish. Kerri Green I am very sure is Jewish. Steve Antin, who plays the jock, is Jewish (he was Jesse in the Jesse's Girl video).

    Sooo...... out of all of these actors, which one plays the Jew?

    Well, it's not Jesse from Jesse's Girl.

    1. Jeff Cohen's Mother is Jewish. Cohen is her maiden name. His father's last name (and Cohen's) is McMahon.