Monday, February 13, 2012

Jews in the News: An EGOT for Scott Rudin

We discussed the EGOT before: The exclusive club of people who won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony. As of that writing, six of the 12 were Jews (including Mel Brooks). Now, we have seven of 13, as producer Scott Rudin won a Grammy last night to add to his other tally.

Rudin actually has seven Tonys, and one each of the other three. Not sure if we'll ever profile him, but one EGOT winner who definitely needs a profile is Richard Rodgers...


  1. Worth noting that Bab's Tony was an Honorary Award not a competitive one.

    Also, with last night's Grammy win for The Book of Mormon, Matt Stone (and Trey Parker) is/are only an Oscar away from completing the EGOT. (Guess they'll have to write a song for the closing credits of the inevitable film version.)

  2. Right, should not have included Babs in the 12...

  3. I was actually thinking of Stone/Parker, since they do have an Oscar nomination for the Blame Canada song in the South Park movie. The Book of Mormon is coming to the big screen, and Rudin is producing, so maybe...