Friday, June 29, 2012

Profile: Francois Hollande

Suggestions by Samuel from San Francisco and Klaus from Germany.


  1. Hey was Bob Hope born Jewish? There have been many rumours that he was born Jewish... Hence he converted to a Christian (Catholic)? Any truth to that he was Jewish? Do a profile on Bob... Please?!?

  2. Hey there
    I'd normally post this under the persons profile but I couldn't be bothered looking for it. It's about Sylvester Stallone. Now I know he's Jewish on his Mother's side but what side is She Jewish on. Her Father's or Mother's?

  3. His mother's maiden name is Labofish and she is half-Jewish and half-French. Labofish isn't spelled like any French name I know and it actually looks like a modified Jewish name (Leibfish? Leibovich?). So I'd say she is Jewish on her father's side.