Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Profile: Salvador Dali

Suggestion by Karl from Australia.


  1. "(In case you are wondering, it's possible that Dali's family had Jewish ancestry. Alas, there is no proof.)" So yes or no? I'm curious too. Did he or didn't he have Jewish ancestry? And how do you know if he did or did not... where is your proof? Brilliant website by the way. I'm studying arts (Yes I know a course that will get me nowhere, believe me my Catholic (Guilt-full) Mother already told me that, so what you're saying is nothing new.
    But in all seriousness. I am studying famous artists like Dali, Warhol and Picasso. How do you know that Dali was not Jewish. Where is your proof? Excellent profile description of him though, I must applaud you for that. Thank-you. Please reply. Thank-you.

  2. There is absolutely no evidence that Dali had Jewish ancestry. A researcher seems to think that he did, but you can say the same about half of Spain. So, in this case, we ALWAYS use the "goy, until proven Jewish" rule described here.