Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Profile: Lev Kamenev



  1. According to several sources, his mom was Russian Orthodox. Though, of course, by the "Russian Anti-Semite Standard" he is the Ultimate Evil Jew.

  2. This is an odd one. He was always described as having two Jewish parents. Recently he's been said to have a non-Jewish mother.

    BTW, you should profile Ansel Elgort.

  3. His mom graduated from the Bestuzhev Courses. It is so extremely unlikely that a Jewish girl would ever be admitted to set foot at the Bestuzhev Courses that it's probably not worth discussing.
    For Russian anti-Semites even one Jewish parent is enough to brand a "bad guy" a Jewy Jew to Jew all Jews. Heck, even one Jewish grandparent is enough, as is the case with Lenin. Heck, even zero Jewish relatives is enough, as was the case with Yeltsin.