Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Profile: Ross and Monica Geller

Suggestion by Chad from Chattanooga.


  1. One of the principles of the racial theorists of the early 20th Century was that females of any ethnic or racial group were the most likely to embody the classical characteristics of the group whereas the males were more variable and less stereotypic. True or not it appears that many more male Jews than females get in front of the camera in Western media. And males before the camera need not conform to classical Western standards of beauty. Think of Jackie Gleason and Audrey Meadows, not a couple you are likely to encounter in real life.

  2. I'm also thinking about Toby and Josh on West Wing. Both Jewish, but Toby was the stereotypically obvious one, and Josh was pretty much in name only (which sticks with your theory since he was played by the goyishe Bradley Whitford).

    Also, as a corollary to the principles set out by the commenter above -- I think that Hollywood and the media goes out of its way to make sure the women they get, if they're front and center, don't look Jewish. (It's why Debra Messing, for instance, had a nose job, then poof, Will & Grace.) Also check out the girls in JDate ads -- they look nothing short of generic, and half of them are blonde.

  3. The funny thing though is in general, I think Jewish males look closer to the "stereotype" than Jewish females. For example, I think there's more blond Jewish females than males (yes, I realize some of them are "bottle blondes").