Friday, January 29, 2016

Profile: Rachel Platten

Suggestions by Michael from Hartford, Steve from Southampton, PA, Harry from NY, Jim from Tampa, and Marcia from NYC.


  1. Except that "Fight Song," and her follow up "Stand By You," are both terrible and generic. But I guess that's hardly stopped a lot of pop stars over the years.

  2. You original said in the profile most popular Jewish singer, not "female singer" and also mention Billy Joel, Michael Bolton, etc. in terms of being say "of a past generation", then shortened it to "female" only mentioning Babs and Bette Midler. What happened?

    (Though I don't think Billy Joel is as much "out to pasture" as the others since he has an incredible run of successful concerts, though he's barely done any new material on over 20 years and kids do see him as "their parents' music" so I would agree on that

    1. Originally, we missed the clear answer to the most popular current Jewish musician: Drake. Rachel Platten can't even come close to sniffing it.