Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Profile: Nate Ebner


What's this? A daily Olympic profile? Let's see how long this lasts...

Suggestions by Chuck from Medford, MA and Jon from Columbus, OH.


  1. Are you going to profile famed swimmer Katie Ledecky during these profiles (thanks for the temporary return to daily ones)? She's actually 1/4 Jewish (paternal grandfather, who came here from what was then called Czechoslovakia a couple of years after WW II, so her last name is "Jewish". She wasn't brought up Jewish, but worth a profile.....

    1. It was Ledecky's paternal grandmother who is Jewish (a Jewish American). I don't believe her Czech grandfather was Jewish.

    2. OK well either way thanks for the quick profile on her. Wikipedia said it was her grandfather (but then again it is Wikipedia :-) and someone has since changed it on there to grandmother.