Monday, January 9, 2017

Profile: Luis de Gongora


  1. "Now, while it's possible that Quevedo had Jewish roots, there is no definite proof. "

    I assume you mean Gongora?

  2. Calling Quevedo an ashole is too mild.
    Some of the stuff he wrote was deeply disturbing,like for example in "La Isla de Monopantos" he says that:
    The reason G_d still allows Jews to exist is because a Jewish belly will be needed to concieve the anti-christ.
    Accuses Philip IV of Spain of being a filo-jew for borrowing from international Jewish lenders.
    Since there were no Jews left in the country he decides to attack the conversos, says they're puppets of the Sephardic diaspora and demands that they be expelled.
    Invents a crazy conspiracy theory claiming that the Jews of Thessaloniki are manipulating the Otoman authorities against Spain.
    Goes on, an on about purity of blood.
    Etc, etc, etc..