Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Profiile: Judenburg


  1. I Wikipedia's this, looks like if it's correct there's a 2nd one in Germany itself. Weirdly, Wiki put it under its "Jewish History" classification but makes no mention of its past or about Jews:

    Also, if what it says about the Austria one is correct, looks like it finally did drop the name (and perhaps the seal?) in 2012 as part of a merger with a neighboring area:

  2. It still exists as part of the larger district.

  3. Yes, it does:

  4. That profile reminds me of another place with "Jewish" in it's name.
    Montjuic ("Jewish mount" in medieval Catalan language) in Barcelona is where most of the 1992 Olympics venues are based.
    The name is believed to come from the Jewish necropolis in there.
    The mount and it's castle can be seen from pretty much everywhere in Barcelona.ïc