Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Profile: Adrian Grenier

Suggestion by Amparo from Miami.


  1. Have seen it in non-Jewish people who, in childhood, envied the deep parent-child love they saw in Jewish families. Louis Armstrong was nurtured by a Jewish family who employed him in their little junk business and helped him get his first trumpet. He always admired the mutual helpfulness of Jewish people and he appreciated that it was extended to him. He did not perceive it as a conspiracy against the Gentile. But then he was a very kind and good man.

  2. I knew people who went to Fairfax High School and wanted to be Jewish to fit in! The wonderful family values of the Jewish people is a true attraction for the proselytes of Judaism because Judaism is a religion that discourages proselyzing, but Jews are a light to the world and attract many fine people! ~ a proselyte.