Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Profile: Howie Roseman


  1. Sorry I know it's not related but I was just reading your Spielberg profile and I don't get or understand this line: " and even shook his strongest supporters with Munich, considered by some to be anti-Israeli." Bit of help, please.

  2. Munich was about the Israeli plot to kill the terrorists who orchestrated the murders of Israeli athletes at the Munich olympics. The message of the film was basically that violence breeds more violence, but some Jews took offense that it humanized the terrorists (because it showed them with their families, etc) or that it criminalized the Israelis for basically going on what amounted to a fool's revenge mission. You have to put it in the context of the political climate of 2005, though, the Bush administration's policies on terrorism and all that, and it makes more sense what was trying to be said at the time. (Incidentally, a couple years ago I actuall heard someone related to the events of Munich speak, an Israeli, who said he liked the movie and it was generally accurate, except that the sentiment should've been more that the Israelis were going after these guys not to be the cops of the world, but for basic survival. It was interesting.)