Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Profile: Castrillo Mota de Judios


  1. Matajudios is even a surname, believe it or not! Then there is Matamoros, meaning "kill Moors" (Muslims) - a name of towns, municipalities and watercourses all over the Spanish speaking Latin America, mostly in Mexico. Wellknown example: Matamoros, on the southern bank of Rio Grande, opposite Brownsville, Texas.

    1. There's also a Matamoros in northeast Pennsyvania, bordering the town of Port Jervis in upstate NY.

  2. There's also a Valley called Matamoros in south western Spain and one celebrity with that surname in that country (actor Kiko Matamoros)

    The naming of towns and places as Matamoros comes from the Spanish Legend figure of "Saint James Matamoros" (Santiago Matamoros in Spanish).
    A myth/fantasy incident that says apostle James returned from heavens in order to lead the Spaniards to victory in battle against the Moors (Muslims).