Friday, July 24, 2020

Profile: Aardvark


  1. You brought back a bit of memories for me. Just missed being old enough to really see the "original" show (I was 1!) but they had years of reruns of this through the 70s combined with Pink Panther. My mom always thought it actually was Jackie Mason doing the voice (I know it's just an imitator) but she got a kick out of how they made him "sound and seem Jewish" without being truly overt about it.

  2. Apparently the voices of both the ant and the aardvark were done by comedian John Byner (not Jewish, though his real life last name of Biener sounds it and he is from NYC), and he based the voices of the ant and the aardvark on doing voice imitations of Dean Martin and Jackie Mason respectively. So maybe it was deliberate.