Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Profile: Perry Farrell

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  1. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! THANK YOU FOR FINALLY PROFILING PERRY MUTHA-FUCKIN' FARRELL! P.s. that profile photo is so hot and cool and sexy. I'm not Jewish BUT GOD-DAMN Me and my Latvian friends LOVE HIM!
    Anyway here are my top 10 songs from Perry Farrell
    P.s. You're never to old if you appreciate good music! No... GREAT MUSIC!

    P.S. Perry is JANES'S ADDICTION AND PORNO FOR PYROS So here's my top ten songs of his. ENJOY!

    1: Pigs In Zen
    2: Been Caught Stealing
    3: Ocean Size
    4: Stop!
    5: Mountain Song
    6: Cursed Female / Cursed Male
    7: Bali Eyes
    8: Packin'
    9: Pets
    10: Just Because

    Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i loved writing it!