Monday, August 9, 2021

Profile: Linoy Ashram

Jewish haul from Tokyo:

  • Jessica Fox, canoe / kayak: gold + bronze
  • Lilia Akhaimova, gymnastics: gold
  • Linoy Ashram, rhythmic gymnastics: gold
  • Sue Bird, basketball: gold
  • Artem Dolgopyat, gymnastics: gold
  • Alix Klineman, beach volleyball: gold
  • Aslan Karatsev, tennis: silver
  • Avishag Semberg, taekwondo: bronze
  • Nick Itkin, fencing: bronze
  • Isreli mixed judo team: bronze

    There are some rumblings that tennis bronze medalist Elina Svitolina of Ukraine is Jewish, but we can't find proof. (Yes, very similar to Akhaimova, but Israeli press has claimed the latter, and has not done so with the former.)

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    1. That might change in the future as well as well as the dress code for women