Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh, those meshugenah goyim! Crucifixes

Sometimes, when visiting the in-laws (a day I always look forward to), I take the backroads. The drive is more scenic. There's a low speed limit. Golf courses, mansions. Swamps. Cows. Geese.


Yep, that's it in the photo. It's f@#$ing HUGE. At least 20 feet tall. And it just stands there on the side on the road. And it's f@#$ing SCARY. Makes me want to drive away as fast as I can. But there's a low speed limit.

And, to borrow from an author whose name escapes me at the moment... If Jesus does come back to earth, would he like to see... THAT?

Oh, those meshugenah goyim!


  1. Bill Hicks... You're think of Bill Hicks...

  2. Crucifixes were almost always a Catholic thing. And yeah, they're a bit ew and / or ghastly. Not sure why the other goyim (protestants) never liked those, but they never really did. Probably too ew.