Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Barely Jews in the News: Michael Jackson's kids

These are Michael Jackson's three children, Prince Michael I, Paris Michael Kathrine and Prince Michael II (the late King of Pop was not very creative with names).

And this is Deborah Rowe, the handsome(?) mother of Michael Jackson's two children.

Deborah is Jewish, which makes PM I and PMK (but not PM II, whose mother was supposedly an egg donor) half-Jewish.

There are many, many jokes we can make here, but we're going to respect Jackson's legacy.

For now.


  1. Actually, the rumors on the Internet and in New York Daily News, etc., are that the biological father (sperm donor) of PM1 and PMK is Michael's dermatologist Arnold Klein. Which may make PM1 and PMK Jewish on both sides.

  2. why do you use the term "half jewish"? it's a nazi term... either someone is jewish (through his mother or conversion) or not. there is no half. there might be undefined, borderline,not knowing, self hating and-so-on-jews, but there is definitely no "half"!

  3. Basically, what our above commenter is saying is that someone who has a Jewish father but not a Jewish mother cannot be a Jew, regardless of their upbringing, beliefs, morality, dedication to the faith, etc.

    This is a definition that we feel is too limiting, and thus we do not accept it.

  4. this is politically, but not halakhically thought of, o.k. to discuss this issue here wouldn't be the right place.
    but besides - in the case of michael jackson resp. deborah rowes' kids: they are in your AND in my opinion jews - and never "half"-jews.

  5. As Yakov said above, the halakhical definition is too limiting, and thus we do not accept it. This has nothing to do with politics.

    They have a Jewish parent and a non-Jewish parent. By birth, they are half-Jews.

    But you're right, no point in going into full philosophical in the comments of a blog. Suffice to say, we agree to disagree.

  6. Oops, I wanted to write about Arnold Klein, too(no
    doubt, Michael jr. is his sohn, DNA analyse is
    not necessery)