Friday, September 11, 2009

Profile: Little Mac

This is a loooooooong profile, but I just couldn't find a way to shorten it. You really need to think about every character to reach the conclusion that we did.

Little Mac is an obscure character in a mostly obscure video game series, but when I think of him as Little Maccabee it just warms my heart so. Our first respectable video game Jew. I'm so proud....


  1. Nice. I don't suppose we'll ever see a Grand Theft Auto Ken Rosenberg profile.

  2. The problem with Ken Rosenberg is he's really obscure. A minor character in a video game, unless he does something really interesting (he's a lawyer, so that's a big no), just isn't someone we HAVE to profile RIGHT NOW. Especially not when people like Gene Wilder are still on the waiting list.

    I imagine we'll get to him at some point, probably before the JONJ bar mitzvah I mentioned in our anniversary blog....