Friday, November 20, 2009

Profile: Kristen Stewart

Reader Andrea from California alerted us of Miss Stewart being listed as Jewish on various sites. We did some research... debunked. The sites have now been fixed.

But at least it got Kristen profiled on JONJ, with perfect timing for today's release of "New Moon".


  1. K4, too much to ask?


  2. What happened? Why did she go back to a K3? Please don't tell me you saw New Moon?

  3. After a long, long discussion at the JONJ office, we decided that a 3 makes more sense. Yes, these are the things we spend our times on.

  4. I take full responsibility for the change. It doesn't take more than a little research to realize the woman is clearly a dope. An attractive dope, yes, but still a dope.