Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Profile: David Bowie


The following is an actual (paraphrased, my memory isn't THAT good) quote from my freshman year Myths and Mythology class, mentioned in the profile above:

"Now, the woman holding the cornucopia is a transvestite. We know this because the cornucopia represents both a penis and a vagina. As she's holding it, she's also holding a piece of fruit toward the opening of the cornucopia. So she is actually stuffing fruit into her vagina."

Now, the Detective Fiction course I took four years later, on the other hand - that was awesome.

Mark from Toronto and Mel from California suggested Bowie... yes, there is a rumor out there that he had a Jewish mother. Looks to be false.


  1. I'm pretty sure that David Bowie's Mother was Jewish! Where is your proof that he isn't? Almost every web-site states that his Mother is Jewish! And that is so funny about the cornucopia!

  2. His mother is Mary Margaret Burns, Irish. Not a Jew.

  3. Bowie discusses his Jewish ancestry on one of his albums (his mother is Jewish but his father is not). His real name is David Stenton...www.yoyenta.com/david-bowie-jewish/
    Top 10 Jewish Musicians In History

    In commemoration of Passover, we have put together an all-time contender list of the Top 10 Jewish musicians. We have interviewed the experts, put a lot of thought into this (15 minutes tops) and are pretty comfortable saying that this is the list that will be referenced for many a Passover to come! To add to the suspense, we are going to start with Number #10 and work our way down to el mero mero / Big Boss Number #1. Yeah – I am pumped!

    Number #10 – Gene Simmons aka Chaim Witz

    Personally, I am not a big KISS fan. But, hey this is a guy who has slept with THOUSANDS of women. That is amazing and I am in awe. Additionally, I admire his savvy as a marketer. After all, we are talking about someone who many consider to be more a business man than a musician (talkin about you Bob Leftez).

    Number #9 – Perry Farrell aka Peretz Bernstein

    Perry Farrell, currently masquerading around an LA club near you as DJ Peretz is a genius. I know that most people agree with me on this, but I still feel like he doesn’t get enough love from mainstream hacks and the casual listener. I once watched him live and I have to tell you – the founder of Jane’s Addiction, Lollapalooza brings the noise.

    Number #8 – Randy Newman

    My surprise choice! But, hey Randy is a talented songwriter and composer with a unique perspective. Plus how many times do you hear morning talk shows and sports teams rocking out to “I Love LA” in Los Angeles? Gotta show Randy some love.

    Number #7 – Beastie Boys

    My lone group choice is going in mid-list. The boys from Brooklyn were representing Jews and white people alike in the rap game years before Eminem was around. Kudos to

    Number #6 Burt Bacharach

    Another old school choice. For those of you that don’t know, Burt Bacharach is basically the standard by which all musical writers are compared. Think “The Look of Love” and “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”. In my humble opinion, I think Burt can perform quite well and is obviously a world class pianist. Or maybe I am just saying this because my little sister is friends with his son and she said he is a down to earth guy. Whatever…

    Number #5 David Bowie

    America’s favorite androgynous sweetheart. Famous for taking on the immensely creative persona of alien Mick Jagger – Bowie is a headline maker. For those of you that aren’t hip enough to know, Brazilian musician Seu Jorge – Knockout Ned from City of God – re-worked his Life in Mars album in Portuguese. Fantastic stuff.Top 10 Jewish Musicians In History
    Read more: http://www.savefans.com/blog/2009/04/top-10-jewish-musicians/#ixzz26Lr3LFta

  4. This is one of these rumors constantly circulated on the Internet. Bowie's mother is Margaret Mary Burns, Irish Catholic.

  5. Pretty Sure he's Jewish! And isn't that a good thing? Happy Channuaka!!!

  6. Rude. You didn't wish me a Happy Channuaka. Rude.

  7. P.S. Why did you give David Bowie a 5? Don't you wish that he was Jewish? I mean the man's a GENIUS!!! What because of that Rip Torn naked scene? Come on... (That doesn't count, although Rip Torn naked is not particulary appetising) I know this is a Jewish website and I have found out myself that David Bowie is not Jewish. But... The man like I said is a GENIUS, don't you wish he was Jewish? Why no, Sadly not a Jew? And give him a score of 8 at least. He is one of the epitomes of Rock And Or Roll! Or do you just not like his music. If so fair enough. But please don't give me a short answer. I mean David Bowie contributed so much to the music industry. Please reconsider the score and please reconsider the verdict as Sadly Not a Jew. Please? I thank you.

  8. You have already profiled the late great David Bowie. With the recently sad passing of this gigantic genius I think and believe that you should profile his "partner in crime" Iggy Pop. Numerous around the internet have claimed that Iggy Pop is Jewish. Particularly his real which has raised a few questions (James Newell Osterberg, Jr.) specifically is he Jewish or Not(??). I think you should do a profile on him. This is just a suggestion. Thank-you.