Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Profile: Phil Spector

Judy from Atlanta and Nancy from Northern California suggested Spector. Nancy wrote, "he seemed like such a nice Jewish boy"...


  1. "...Jewish music producers / murderers? We can only think of one."

    Some of us take these kinds of claims as a challenge. You might want to look into Don Robey, the African-American/Jewish owner of Peacock Records where, at least by credit, he produced a lot of influential blues songs. He's also widely regarded as a "gangster" -- whatever that means -- and there seem to be some rumors of his involvement in murder, perhaps even of the musician Johnny Ace. (I'm not saying, I'm just saying.)

    Also, no complaints about the 0 on the K score -- we're talking about a narcissist on the order of Mel Gibson himself -- but it seems fair to point out that Spector was far from a dime a dozen producer. He really was an artist.

  2. "There are many, many Jews in this world"?
    only 14-15 milion