Monday, February 7, 2011

Profile: Jay Baruchel

Interestingly, Judd Apatow wanted Jason Segel to star as the lead in "Undeclared", but for some reason FOX vetoed it. Segel settled for playing Carla Gallo's dumb boyfriend.

Baruchel was suggested by Barry from Tennessee.


  1. He's one quarter Jewish, according to

    "Baruchel is only a quarter Jewish... His background is also French and Irish-Catholic"

    His grandmother's maiden name was Madeleine Virlouvet, which sounds French and fits that.

    Plus, that Celtic Cross he has tattooed on his person doesn't exactly scream out "Jew!" to me.

  2. Adjusted the profile to reflect that, thanks.

  3. "Borderline Jew" > "Barely A Jew"?

    I ask especially because this dude Baruchel really ticks me off.