Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Profile: Johan Neeskens


Neeskens was suggested by Ariel from Australia, Errol from South Africa, and Felix from Jersey. Big thanks to Dave from Austin for confirming that Neeskens is not Jewish.


  1. Best soccer Jew? That's easy!
    Viktor Kanevsky captained Dynamo Kiev, the legendary Ukrainian club, and played for USSR in the World Cup.
    Was forced to change his patronymic to Ilych when he became coach. His real patronymic was Israelevich. Stupid Russians.

    And the best part? He lives in NJ now.

    Slava from Baltimore

    1. its nice to read people writing about my grandfather but he was more christian because his dad was only jewish and u go by ur mothers religion well at least in america u do....if your that big of a fan i can send u a pic and autograph of him....just trying to do something nice for his fans!!!