Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Jewish sitcom?

We previously lamented the lack of Jewish sitcoms on American television... Could we have one next year?

These are the Goldbergs: Murray, Beverly, Barry, Erica, Adam, and Pops. Yep... these are Jews, and they will be on ABC next fall. Watch out, goyishe neighbors!

We give this show 6 months tops.


  1. I'd rather watch "Schindler! The Musical!" than this dreck.

  2. Sponsored by the 1990s Sweaters, Inc., I presume.

  3. I think they are 80s sweaters?

  4. It's supposedly supposed to be a modernization of the similarly named 1940s radio show (which was on TV in the early 50s).

  5. Oh no... Given the last names of the three actors playing the kids, perhaps this show should be called "The Gandolfinis"? It's not like there's a lack of Jewish child actors.

    And Wendi McLendon-Covey... don't tell me they're making her the "shiksa wife"?

    I give it six minutes. Although if what I wrote is true it'll probably be six years.

  6. Actually, it originally had a much darker, raunchier title:


    It appears that it is based on the writers' own 1980s childhood and he simply gave this family his last name and is much closer to the Wonder Years than the old radio show.

  7. mmm. it's been a very long 6 months!