Monday, May 27, 2013

Profile: Abraham Myers

Suggestion by Shelley from New Jersey.


  1. I know of a couple of more:

    Levy County, FL and the town of Yulee, FL (ironically both named for the same person, David Levy Yulee, and in even less-Jewy parts of FL than Ft. Myers, BTW Yulee is not in Levy County)

    Rosendale, NY (in the Catskills, though the less Jewish part of it, actually can't find who its named for)

    Even more ironically, the person Rosenberg, TX is named for (Henry von Rosenberg) is not Jewish.

  2. The largest US city named after a Jew is St. Paul, MN.

    1. Anonymous' comment at 9:10 AM is nothing less than brilliant. We forget the converts and those from mixed marriages. Remember that our worst enemies never did and they were not stupid, only jealous and wrongheaded.

  3. And of course, one of the largest subjects of the Russian Federation, the Sverdlovsk Region, is named after Yakov Sverdlov who probably deserves a profile.
    Interestingly enough, the city which the region was named after, is no longer called Sverdlovsk, as it returned to its original name Yekaterinburg, after Catherine the Great.

  4. And somehow, Sverdlovsk, Ukraine remains...

    Yekaterinburg is actually named after Catherine I, not Catherine II.

  5. A few more:

    Herzliya, Israel - after Theodor Herzl

    Netanya, Israel - after American philanthropist Nathan Strauss

    Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe - supposedly after a Jewish fisherman

    West Jew's Point, Tristan da Cunha - supposedly after a Jewish shipwreck survivor

  6. Map of the world... tougher? I think a country named Israel was named after a Jew....

  7. So is El Salvador.

  8. Yes, that Jesus sure got around...

    Also: Castroville and Castro County, TX