Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Update: Here We Go Again...

Maybe they should be the Milwaukee Groundhogs?

Yes it's happening. Again. On Tuesday, Outside the Lines at ESPN reported that Major League Baseball is moving forward with information acquired from Biogenesis -- a "supplement" provider formerly based in Miami, Florida -- to prosecute a number of baseball players for use of performance enhancing drugs, including our old friend Mr. Braun, shown above.

In the case of the Mashing Mensch, MLB is reportedly seeking a 100-day suspension from his sport, essentially attempting to give him 2 punishments for the price of the 1 transgression (claiming he violated the policy twice by 1: using the drugs and 2: lying about it).

Whether this will bear any enhanced fruit has yet to be seen, and this is the kind of argument that could drag on for several seasons as the players fight the legitimacy of the evidence, then the appropriateness of the punishment, then the authority of the league...

So, yeah, it's gonna be awhile. And sadly, no matter what happens now, Braun will likely only be remembered as the Hebrew Hammer for all the judge's gavels he saw during his career.

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