Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Profile: Josh Saviano

O Score of 6, if only that was possible...


  1. Hey, you guys profiled Hermione Granger - but what about Emma Watson? Is there a chance NOT to say: "Sadly, not a Jew."? I guess not …

  2. I can hardly wait for a profile of Emma Watson.

    Concerning Kurt Eisner: "He proclaimed the free Bavarian republic — and became its first Prime Minister — before an antisemitic German nationalist, the evilly named Anton Graf von Arco auf Valley, murdered him."

    There is one thing you should add (know if you didn't know it until now): His murderer was of Jewish descent!

  3. Oh, we know about the evilly named one. We're just a tad tapped out with the Bavarian revolution.

  4. Still looks Jewish, but at least it's a lot less the Woody Allen type.