Monday, June 16, 2014

Profile: Ferenc Sas

The coach would be current Colombia and former Argentina boss Jose Pekerman.


  1. A 4-3-3, I see... Isn't it a bit too adventurous for our mothers' tastes? Wouldn't she prefer us to play a safe 4-4-2, for example? And what is wrong with a 5-4-1, even? And eat something, already, they all look so thin!

  2. Three more Jews with WC appearances:

    * defender William Ayache won bronze with France in 1986
    * defender Eduard Dubinski played for quarterfinalists USSR in 1962. However, he broke his leg in the first match and developed sarcoma, leading to his premature death 7 years later. Oy!
    * midfielder Rober Eryol represented Turkey(!) in 1954

    Sadly Dutch half-Jews Sjaak Swart and Bennie Muller, despite having 72 international appearances between them, were active in the 1960s when Holland consistently failed to qualify for major tournaments.

  3. Knew about Dubinski, but about Ayache or Eryol. Hmmm, Ayache probably should be a starting defender on our team.