Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Profile: Jerry Krause


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  1. So why does Uncle Jerry get just a K of 2? He was a brilliant talent scout, most famously claiming to have had an orgasm (I think he really used the word0 the first time he saw Scottie Pippen play in college. He drafted well -- with low picks he managed to get all-stars Horace Grant, B.J. Armstrong and Toni Kukoc; traded well -- Bill Cartwright for Charles Oakley; and he reclaimed guys well like Ron Harper and Dennis Rodman.

    He had his own petty issues as Bulls GM, above all wanting to get credit for his contributions when so much on court went to Jordan and so much off court went to Phil Jackson. Still, he's the guy who built the team -- he deserved credit. (And there's a lot of credit to go around for building the second best basketball dynasty after the Red Auerbach/Bill Russell/Bob Cousy Celtics in history.)

    As it happens, Krause is still a scout (at least as of a year ago) working for the White Sox. Far from being a badge of dishonor, it's a sign that, unlike Jordan, he succeeded as a professional in both sports.

    He could rub people the wrong way, but I'd lobby for a K of 4 at least. After all, how would we regard the current Spurs' GM if were of the tribe?