Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Profile: Cameron Diaz

Suggestion by Batsheva from Ohio and Doris from Miami.


  1. is her husband, benji madden, jewish?

  2. It appears that Benji Madden and his siblings believe that their maternal grandmother, born Mary Lee Canter, is Jewish.

    This is despite the fact that she is the non-Jewish daughter of an Assemblies of God minister (and that her "Canter" family, like most others with this exact surname, was never Jewish).

    This is pretty weird considering Mary Lee was alive as of at least 2002, so how could she not have corrected such a misconception about herself?

    I'm starting to think this bizarre fantasy of the Madden family is the reason for the Jewish wedding.

  3. Isn't she doing the whole "red string" Kabbalah thing? Nice picture BTW!

  4. If they want to have a Jewish wedding and be Jewish, I say 'welcome' with open arms. Better to have people want to be in the tribe than those who want to get rid of the tribe.

  5. Has this site ever profiled the "Red String Brigade" those celebs who do the Kabalah and publicly wear a red string around their left wrist? Madonna doesn't count. Has she been profiled?