Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Profile: Terah


  1. A 1 0 1 for Terah, really? I'd say Terah is just about the best candidate for 0 0 0. Does it get any less Jewish than him?

  2. Well, he did father a Jew, so maybe that's the reason for the 1.

    Also, if he really did father Sarah, too (I've never heard that one), I guess that would mean Abraham wasn't lying when he told Pharoah that she was his sister. Or is that where that particular midrash comes from?

  3. Sarah was daughter of Haran, Abraham's brother. So Abraham was her uncle. Sarah is "Ysca" (Jessica?) mentioned as Haran's daughter, together with Milka (see Rashi). By the way, Milka was wife of Nahor - another brother of Abraham, probably named after his grandfather. This Nahor is father of Betuel, Rivka's father.
    So what Abraham told Pharaoh is almost true.

    -- Aaron


    Sarah was the wife of Abraham, as well as being his half-sister, the daughter of his father Terah.