Monday, July 17, 2017

Profile: D'arcy Wretzky


  1. Hi, I'm questioning this one. First off it's just her father who is Jewish (correctly reflected in her I and O score though).

    Second, while I'm not questioning the last name "Wretsky" in and of itself, I only found a couple of not very reliable sources saying her father is Jewish. He was a pipefitter in western Michigan, combine that with a name like Wretsky sounds a lot more likely Polish Catholic to me. But maybe I'm wrong.....


    D’arcy’s paternal grandfather was Herman/Chaim Khaym D. Wretzky/Uretzky (the son of Joseph Uretzky/Wretzky and Frieda/Freida/Fraydl Erenberg). Herman was born in Shchedrin, Bobruisk uezd, Minsk.

    D’arcy’s paternal grandmother was Sophia “Sophie” Ruth Lipshitz/Lipshutz (the daughter of Benjamin “Ben” H. Lipshitz/Lipshutz and Katie/Katy Kaplan/Kapillon). Sophia was born in Chicago, Illinois, to parents from Shchedrin, Bobruisk uezd, Minsk. Benjamin was the son of Leyb/Louis Lipshutz/Lipshitz and Fanny/Zelda/Zlate Feiga Erenberg. Katie was the daughter of Nakhema/Nehemia/Nechemye/Nakhman Kaplan and Maryashe/Mariyash Erenberg/Erenburg/Ehrenberg.

  3. Serious question: Why do you call non-Jews goys? Isn't that a derogatory term?

  4. It doesn't have to be. Per Wikipedia, "In modern Hebrew and Yiddish the word goy is the standard term for a gentile. In English, the use of the word goy can be controversial. It is sometimes used pejoratively to refer to a non-Jew, but many see it as no more insulting than the term gentile."

    We clearly see it as no more insulting than "gentile".

  5. Zev, touche! There's always exceptions to "stereotype" out there. Good job!