Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Profile: Hannah Arendt

Suggestion by (name purposely withheld) from Oregon, Matteo from Alicante, Dominic from Montreal, Zachary from NY, Cathy from Switzerland, Ronen from Canada, Felipe from Brazil, and Herb from Rhode Island.


  1. There's an excellent half-German, half-English film on her interaction with the Eichmann trial that came out a few years ago that gives the Cliff's Notes version of "banality of evil." Worth watching if you feel like sounding smart, but don't want to do the reading.

  2. Always thought banality of evil missed the point and was a form of denial. Eichmann wanted to kill Jews and he did, highly efficiently. Anything else is self-delusion and intellectualizing. Anyway Eichmann was no longer at Jewish throats but Jewish feet and he grovelled and rationalized and she bought some of it.