Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jews in the News: Stephen loses Survivor

What is it with Jews and reality shows recently? Later this week, there's the highly anticipated (just not by us) finale of "American Idol" (see Adam Lambert). And last weekend, Stephen Fishbach, a Jew from New York, made it all the way to the finale of "Survivor", before choosing friendship over a million, losing to cattle rancher J.T.

We're kinda disappointed, since we rooted for Stephen ever since he revealed he was a Jew back in Episode 1. But J.T. is a worthy winner, and Stephen himself seems happy with the outcome. So we're not gonna dwell on it. Besides, there already was a Jewish Survivor, Ethan Zohn from Season 3.


  1. Looks like Ethan just revealed that he has cancer -- our thoughts are with him...

  2. I may be late to this, but wondering if Kimmi Kappenberg is Jewish?