Monday, May 18, 2009

Profile: Adam Lambert

At JONJ Headquarters, we had a long discussion on whether or not to profile Lambert. On one hand, he was requested by at least three readers (Elizabeth from Columbus, David from Detroit, and Josh from New York), and is one of the most-searched names on our website. On the other hand, it's freaking American Idol. And he might not even win.

I guess the people have spoken...


  1. There is a You-tube video of Adam Lambert singing in perfect, fluent Hebrew from Yitzchak Rabin's "Celebration of Life" concert in 2005. Looking all the world like a bar-mitzvah boy with a great voice. Maybe should have scored higher than a 7.

  2. Well, we have no proof that he's a full-blooded Jew, so that's I 3. He's on American Idol, so that's K 2, at best (sorry, Idol fans). And... well, yeah, that Hebrew song does give him an extra O point. He's up to an 8.

  3. Confirmation!

    Look at the section after "My new life picture." Adam confirms that he is Jewish and talks about Birthright.

    I think that's worth at least 2 more points, don't you?

  4. We'll give him 1 point for confirming he's Jewish, and will actually pump up the verdict to "Jew"... He considers himself Jewish, so how can we argue with that.