Monday, July 20, 2009

Profile: Queen Beatrix

The big debate at JONJ headquarters is, does .006% make someone BARELY Jewish. At the end, we say yes, because that .006% is verified*. (You can use that website to trace all the way back to Diego Velazquez.)

*Unless, of course, one of those countesses or marquises had a child out of wedlock. Then it's pretty much moot.


  1. Just checking in to point out that when Moishe says "big debate" he isn't exaggerating for humor. It really was a day long discussion, ending in anger, tears, and finally acceptance.

    It's a beautiful process we have here at JONJ. It really is.

  2. Current king of Spain, Felipe IV is also a descendant of Diego Velazquez, via Felipe's mother Sofia of Greece.
    As explained in Velazquez Wikipedia page on legacy/descendants section

  3. Sorry meant to write Felipe VI not IV