Friday, December 11, 2009

Profile: Hanukkah Harry

Somehow, last year we wrote TWO Christmas profiles, but not one for Hanukkah... Yet who can we profile? Judah the Maccabee?

One of the two Hanukkah Harry sketches is now available on Hulu. (Hey, SNL! Please put the Jew Not a Jew sketch online... Please? Pretty please?)

Happy Hanukkah, lansmen!

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  1. Contrary to popular belief we have [[12]] days of presents. Repeat: 12!!! Us GOYIM!... Ever heard of the 12 days of Christmas...? Yeah... Well We Beat you "buy" 4 days! We get 12 days of Presents!!! Don't know how or where you Jews came up with only 1 day of present giving... What? Adam Sandler... He's a G_D-damn republikkkan! Don't trust him Don't tell me you guys voted Mitt... Did you?!? So to sum up: 12! VS. 8! WE WIN HAHAHA! Shalom! :)