Monday, December 21, 2009

Profile: Rachel Uchitel

So, apparently, she IS worth a profile. Here it is... One of our longest profiles ever, at that.

Rachel was suggested by Randy from LA, Brian from LA, and Jeff from Illinois.


  1. Tiger Woods? Nubian? Your reductionism saddens me. If I have some African-American heritage, all the rest goes bye-bye in your mind? That's just sad. Some of us are pastiches of humanity and I, for one (and imagine Tiger is another), will not settle for an inaccurate label society imposes for the sole purpose of soothing the limited minds of others. Besides, look at him: He is brown in hue, not black, which is true for most you and evil mainstream society label thusly. Nothing against being black (and the very few actually black people I've had the privilege of encountering are wonderful humans, just like most people), but society's justification for treating people badly, er, labeling and categorizing humans is stupid and insulting for people with brown skin. (Really, it makes the labeler look like a schmuck. And anyone intelligent knows that the vast majority of this labeling exists so the majority knows whom to hate and abuse. So not cool.) Tiger has said straight out that he is a mixture. You've seen his parents likely, so you know that. Well, if you are a decent person, you ought to recognize and acknowledge that mixture rather than miscategorize someone unfairly -- that is, IF you want thinking people to take your judgments about people seriously and do not wish to hurt others.

    No, I am not a Jew as you define it. I happily have Jewish heritage in the mix, and celebrate all my ancestry and ancestors. You probably hate that.

    I'll admit this after perusing much of your site: I am really good at JONJ, but you guys would kick my butt at it. Congratulations. And thanks for clearing up that Rod Carew thing. Adam Sandler had convinced me that "he converted."

  2. I actually had a lot of hesitations about using the word "Nubian" here, but "half Nubian half Oriental"... I mean "Asian" just doesn't sound right and besides... what are you talking about? Tiger who? This is just a fairy tale about a long time ago...