Thursday, December 17, 2009

Profile: Harry Shearer

With Shearer, Julie Kavner, and Hank Azaria, we have 3 of 6 Simpsons main cast. Add to that frequent guest stars Albert Brooks and Jon Lovitz...


  1. Jon Lovitz a K4!? Oy.

  2. Moishe looooooooooooves Lovitz. Loves him. To an extent that supersedes the rational. We at JONJ don't all necessarily agree with him, but we respect his choice.

  3. Hahaha... No you can't have Chevy Chase... He's ours (a gentile)... You can have Harry Shearer... We don't want him either. It's just like Tom Cruise no one wants him either except for maybe the cult... er um, I mean "religion" Scientology. Let's see if we can make a trade here... We'll trade you Daniel Craig
    for Harrison Ford. He himself has said that he feels Jewish as an actor but Irish as a person... We could trade you many more... such as Elijah Wood, Steve Martin and Ewan McGregor That's 3 for 1! Come on! What do you say? Fair trade? We really, really need him! :)