Monday, January 11, 2010

All hail the new King of JONJ

And here we though with last year's King, Ben Roethlisberger, missing the playoffs, we wouldn't come close to matching 2009's Super Bowl numbers. We were wrong.

All it took was an injury to the Patriots' Wes Welker to open a spot for pseudo-Jewish Julian Edelman. The line for him: 6 catches, 44 yards, 2 touchdowns. The line for us: the second-best day in JONJ history. (Hard to beat the Super Bowl, after all. But it was close.)

But here's the sad thing: the Patriots lost, their season is over, meaning Edelman's reign as King of JONJ will likely be short-lived. We'll need another pseudo-Jew to step up to come close to matching these numbers. Sage Rosenfels, anyone?

Damn you, Brett Favre!


  1. The Bears fan in me has to remind you of the greatest Jew score in football history: the 1940 NFL title game when Sid Luckman led the Monsters of the Midway to a 70-0 pounding of the Redskins.

    Edelman -- and Favre (or Elway or Montana, for that matter) -- should give us such naches.

  2. Luckman is probably the greatest Jewish football player of all time. But Edelman got half as many hits yesterday as Luckman did the entire 2009...

  3. I thought a 3,2,3 score would be in order.

  4. We don't know that he's half Jewish (the 3 for I), we just know he has "Jewish heritage". As for K, he's a backup wide receiver who's had 3 good games. Might change in the future.