Monday, January 11, 2010

Profile: Megan Fox

We stopped our Weird Search of the Day last April, but this pretty much summarizes it. That being said, could one of the other nine be profiled one day?

Take Bill Gates, for instance. He is one of our most requested profiles ever. Bill freakin' Gates. There is absolutely no way he's Jewish; why would anyone think otherwise? Oh, because he's super-rich. OK. All super-rich people are Jewish? No, no, no, no, no.

Yet clearly, people want to know. Or maybe they just want us to write something interesting. And Gates is not even the worst one out there. Obama? Bush? Tom Cruise? No, seriously, Tom Cruise? We profiled Jerry Maguire where we clearly stated he is not Jewish (as if that was even necessary in the first place), shouldn't that be enough?

But here's the funny thing: the more people search and request, the more of a chance that we cave in. Sigh.


  1. K4!? She's borderline retarded.

    Is Steve Jobs ever going to get a profile? The cancer scare is over, you can pull him out of the death pool now.

  2. Retarded she may be, but look at her! Actually, was going back and forth on the K here... I think it switched at least 5 times today. Now back to a 3. Jobs will get a profile... it's just a hard one to write.