Thursday, March 11, 2010

Profile: Corey Haim

Oh Corey.....If only our former staff writer Leah Goldberg could see you now....

News on the street is that the Talentless Mr. Haim died on the morning of Wednesday, March 10 of an apparent drug overdose, though I'm sure information will be updated soon enough. Perhaps even by the time this post has been....posted.

This happens every now and then. Someone dies and Moishe e-mails frantically that they're Jewish and we ought to write something NOW. You wouldn't think that a web site that spent a week debating the Jewishness of Scooby Doo would have emergency deadlines, but there ya go.

Corey is just lucky I was having a slow day. Though clearly not as slow as his. (Get it? Get it? OK, I'll stop....)