Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Profile: Donald Trump


I was sitting around one day, and thought... why not a Jew or Not Jew slot machine? On second thought... Nah.

But then I ran it by Yakov, and he, a slave to Gamblor that he is, was very enthusiastic about the idea. So here you go... Try to beat my best score, I cashed out at $12500.

Trump was suggested by Tom from New York.


  1. I actually find slot machines infinitely boring. Excepting this JONJ one. This one is the best....

  2. As a rule, I don't let myself quibble about your various scoring, but how does Trump -- an overblown self-parody who champions a mediocrity of following his own shallow course -- rate a K score of 2?

  3. You're missing the key phrase there: He's a SUCCESSFUL overblown self-parody.

  4. ^What are you, a Jewish mother?

  5. actually he is Jewish but pretends to be Lutheran

    my roommate when I lived in New York was godson to his long standing (now retired) PR Norma Foederer (might have spelt that wrong).

    My roommate was once in a position where he had to return The Donalds filofax (or something similar) and without getting into details it led to this very question... is he Jewish?... she said he was but his (Donald's) father tried to rewrite their background as he was a closeted WASP type guy.

    My roommate was very well connected socially in New York and is 100% convinced she was telling the truth. You only have to look at the protection he had from the banks during the first Black Tuesday to maybe guess this is actually true.