Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Profile: Billy Wilder

The epitaph:

Wilder was suggested by Jason from Allentown, Bernhard from Germany, and Peter from NYC.


  1. For the record, Wilder used "Nobody's Perfect" as Joe E. Brown's response when, at the end of "Some Like it Hot," Jack Lemmon reveals himself as a man. Wilder gave an interview to The Paris Review where he said the line was originally just a placeholder; they put it down and promised themselves they'd think of something funnier later. As the project went on, though, it kept getting rave reactions as the perfect end to the movie, and it wound up maybe his signature line and, as I learn from you today, his epitaph.

  2. It can go that way. The lyrics of Tea for Two, written by two Jews, Irving Caesar and Vincent Youmans, were originally placeholders awaiting better wordings, but they stuck. Remember your first answer on a test is more likely to be right.