Friday, September 24, 2010

Profile: Wilhelm Steinitz

Reading about 19th Century chess players is much like reading about 19th Century anarchists: Jew City.

And yes, this means that we've profiled FIVE world chess champions (although one was only rumored to be Jewish). Their own category, perhaps?


  1. How about profiling ex-champion Vladimir Kramnik? There are lots of stories of Jews ending up with non-Jewish surnames (Garry Kasparov, just to stay within the realm of checkers... chess, sorry), but a non-Jew adopting a Jewish surname, like Kramnik's father - now that's something!
    (To say nothing of the fact that Vladimir ended up adopting a Jewish nose and a Jewish occupation, too!)

  2. Ha! So that's how Kramnik got his last name -- it's his father's stepfather. Too funny. He'll probably get a profile down the line...